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16 Apr Pete's B18C EF Civic Meets My EG6 Hatch!
Adam 0 4780
When I first got my EG Civic that was the car that opened up new friendship opportunities  to me, it took me out of the show car world & into the "build it in your shed or on your driveway" world. Now..
18 Jan Chris Purr’s B20 Honda Civic EK4 – Banzai Magazine Featured
Adam 0 5305
I don't want to sit here and spread even more negativity that already is plastered all over the internet, whether you are sick of hearing about COVID-19 or not, If you're anything like me, anything to..
24 Aug Harv's Civic EK9.
Adam 0 5438
I had a surprise message from my old friend Harv asking if i would help him move his EK9 from one storage unit to another, I agreed & upon our journey I asked him if I could test out my new camera on ..
09 Jun This took long enough....
Adam 0 3609
2020 Clothing Drop Part Two. Photos by @Darylbleach Forever doing affordable, smart, classy and wearable in any situation car lifestyle merch has been a passion project.  I had to take a step back a l..
08 May Introducing the newest member of the family, My 1991 Honda Civic EG6 Y53
Adam 0 3572
Well well well, what a throwback this feels.  Sat on my laptop typing out some jargon about an old 90's Honda, after a day in the blistering heat trying my best to clean it up enough for photos withou..
23 Mar Roadtrip to Remember - Scottish Highlands in an E92 M3
Adam 0 3428
This Corona Virus has really stalled life, its nothing like any of us have ever experienced. I know a few of you out there are probably may not believe everything the Government is feeding us, nor the..
20 Feb 2020 NEW WEBSITE
Adam 0 2774
Hey everyone!  Welcome to the first blog post on the brand new 6TWO1 Website. I finally made the move from Opencart over to Shopify, hoping that it makes the website itself a bit easier for you guys t..
18 Jan GR YARIS - Toyota's Tiny Monster
Adam 0 3218
  As a guy whose life almost centres around cars, I can say from the heart I feel like with all the government restrictions, worry about climate change, every other eco & safety warrior on the planet..
18 Jan Nitin's Yellow Honda Prelude S-Spec
Adam 0 2545
YOUTUBE FEATURE VIDEO : I've been really trying to source cars through all my contacts to feature that may be appealing to those who follow what I do.  The blog is obvio..
18 Jan Introducing my MX5 to the Blog
Adam 0 3012
2 Years ago my Mum got a text from an old school friend of hers asking "Does your son still mess about with cars? Does he want to buy a little Japanese convertible i have?"  I replied with a low ball ..
18 Jan Civic EG6 update
Adam 0 2784
  Well, It has been some time since I updated everyone on here about my Civic.  Deep down, i always get angry at myself for neglecting the blog, this is how the company started & due to time restr..
18 Jan Matthew Vaughan's Accord Tourer
Adam 0 2901
Hey Dudes! Back once again with a customer showcase !    Today I only have 2 photos of the car to show you, but in the future if you want your car featured on here please send as many photos as poss..
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