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18 Jan Chris Purr’s B20 Honda Civic EK4 – Banzai Magazine Featured
Adam 0 10
I don't want to sit here and spread even more negativity that already is plastered all over the internet, whether you are sick of hearing about COVID-19 or not, If you're anything like me, anything to..
24 Aug Harv's Civic EK9.
Adam 0 1053
I had a surprise message from my old friend Harv asking if i would help him move his EK9 from one storage unit to another, I agreed & upon our journey I asked him if I could test out my new camera on ..
09 Jun This took long enough....
Adam 0 528
2020 Clothing Drop Part Two. Photos by @Darylbleach Forever doing affordable, smart, classy and wearable in any situation car lifestyle merch has been a passion project.  I had to take a step back a l..
08 May Introducing the newest member of the family, My 1991 Honda Civic EG6 Y53
Adam 0 526
Well well well, what a throwback this feels.  Sat on my laptop typing out some jargon about an old 90's Honda, after a day in the blistering heat trying my best to clean it up enough for photos withou..
23 Mar Roadtrip to Remember - Scottish Highlands in an E92 M3
Adam 0 847
This Corona Virus has really stalled life, its nothing like any of us have ever experienced. I know a few of you out there are probably may not believe everything the Government is feeding us, nor the..
20 Feb 2020 NEW WEBSITE
Adam 0 480
Hey everyone!  Welcome to the first blog post on the brand new 6TWO1 Website. I finally made the move from Opencart over to Shopify, hoping that it makes the website itself a bit easier for you guys t..
18 Jan GR YARIS - Toyota's Tiny Monster
Adam 0 373
  As a guy whose life almost centres around cars, I can say from the heart I feel like with all the government restrictions, worry about climate change, every other eco & safety warrior on the planet..
18 Jan Nitin's Yellow Honda Prelude S-Spec
Adam 0 317
YOUTUBE FEATURE VIDEO : I've been really trying to source cars through all my contacts to feature that may be appealing to those who follow what I do.  The blog is obvio..
18 Jan Introducing my MX5 to the Blog
Adam 0 381
2 Years ago my Mum got a text from an old school friend of hers asking "Does your son still mess about with cars? Does he want to buy a little Japanese convertible i have?"  I replied with a low ball ..
18 Jan Civic EG6 update
Adam 0 356
  Well, It has been some time since I updated everyone on here about my Civic.  Deep down, i always get angry at myself for neglecting the blog, this is how the company started & due to time restr..
18 Jan Matthew Vaughan's Accord Tourer
Adam 0 372
Hey Dudes! Back once again with a customer showcase !    Today I only have 2 photos of the car to show you, but in the future if you want your car featured on here please send as many photos as poss..
18 Jan Luke Everett's EK9 Type R
Adam 0 353
Welcome back to the blog!  Today, is the first of the Customer Cars blog posts & we are starting off with a real good one!  Today we are looking at @Luke_Ek9's Ek9 Type R!  Before we jump in, Luke ..
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