6TWO1 Honda Civic EG6 : Honda Diaries !

With a new episode of Honda diaries dropping tonight @ 9PM on I thought I'd go and see the Ol' girl whos tucked up for winter now. Well, I say winter. Next year I plan to get a full race spec roll cage installed into the Civic & that is costly ! So I'm currently saving for when I can finally get this done. After that the Civic is getting a full respray & 2 new arches by my friends at Absolute body repair. Finally we are building a B18C for it. So it is a long way off ever being seen again! I wanted to get a photo of it in its current form. Because Honda diaries has been filmed the whole time, I have rarely taken any Photos! Which kinda sucks as I do love photos but I guess it makes ones like this all the more special. So since last february what have I done to the civic ? As you see it here - not all mods overall as it has seen a few! (With the help of Pete & Harv) - 6TWO1 Coilovers - 6TWO1 Alli7075 Lug nuts - Hardrace Front & Rear camber Adjusters - Function 7 LCA - Function 7 Subframe Brace - 24mm ITR ARB - Custom Air Feed - J's racing Air duct - Repainted front bumper (Absolute body repair) - Osaka JDM Devil wing - Clear indicator rear lights - Spoon N1 Backbox - Custom B Pipe by Solid Fab (2.5inch) - Toda V2 Manifold - 40/40 Prop Valve - ITR Brake Booster / Master Cylinder - Spoon Sports Brake calipers - Spoon Sports extended Lugs - Spoon Sports Carbon Mirrors - Spoon Sports Res Socks - Spoon Sports Carbon Lip - VIS Sports Carbon Bonnet (Absolute body repair relaqured) - Denji V1 Headlights - Status Racing ring GT Seat & Status Side Mounts - Border Seat mount - Personal Steering Wheel - HKB Boss Kit - Regamaster 15 x 6.5 Alloy Wheels - HEL Brake lines - Flocked Dashboard - Rywire earth Kit - All updated ball joints - Advan A048R tyres I'm trying so hard to think if I've forgotten anything ! haha but I wanted to give one picture before it goes away for a long long time. I've had so so much fun with this car over the last nearly 2 years! I cant believe how fast time has gone. I cannot wait to get it back out & back on track ! Thank you so much for supporting Honda Diaries & 6TWO1. I will continue to make these as much as I can ! EG6 See me & my friends building this car on youtube ! Remember new episode of Honda diaries dropping tonight @ 9PM on
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