My 8th day in Japan consisted of probably one of the coolest days of my entire life, excluding the following day itself. But, in time we will come to that. get great prices on our excellent coilover kits here! I woke up and headed to Kazu's Shop FIVEMART as he'd informed me the night before that they would be prepping an EF8 with his latest coilovers and LCA's to test them out and he wanted me to come along and see what Aslan had to offer! I was excited, this sort of stuff is what I enjoy, chilling out in a cool garage around cool cars! Kazu dropped me off, introduced me to the guys. We got some lunch and he headed off in the recovery truck to pick up the EF, which gave me some free time to roam the garage & get some photos... Red EK Red Ek Ek Stunning red EK3 which had been B swapped ! White EF White EF Rear This white EF was in for a roll cage ! also had Osaka JDM's widened front wings on... b20 EG Amazing B20 EG on ITB's ! So sick these cars.... Aslan Aslan Spec TE37's.... Where have you seen these before ? ... TEs EF EF rear This Black EF, fitted with Carbon Fibre Osaka JDM wing, Aslan TE37's & Osaka JDM Front arches was one of my favourite cars I saw my whole trip... Owners Integra rrar rear One of Aslan's main attractions is this stunning DC2. They are renown for their aero... Aslan DC2 dc2 DC2 And this... front EG rear EG EG So many braces... EG EG K20 ---------------------------------- get great prices on our excellent coilover kits here! EG Cool Eg looked cool in its primer colours... EF DC2 Rear EK Across Cool EK9 Track car... EF Awesome CRX... EG Civic Honda porn EF EF FRONT EK9 Volk This Civic is a real cool example of a civic done differently it has a buddyclub kit on it, is also an EK9! EK9 EK9 EK9 Stunning Ek9 on Osaka JDM LOOP5 Wheels... 3g VAn Van Funny little van on TE37s! Owned by AKI who also owns an INCREDIBLE red EF I have shown on the Kanjo night post! Garage shop Within the garage they have a shop display and an office where we had a nice lunch and a good chill! even with the language barrier, we managed good conversation. Cars are a universal language ! Wheel So I was sat eating lunch gazing at this wheel, knowing in the back of my mind I had to have them. So I did, I bought them. Another Another photo of that amazing EF... EG And this is where I end this post.... I bring this to a close to continue back in the ASLAN Garage with Kazu & fixing up his Ef.... Thank you for reading & I hope you enjoyed the photos... Thank you so much to Yoshitaka Tani to letting me come along and Kazu for showing me around Adam. get great prices on our excellent coilover kits here!
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