January 2015 : Essex Honda Type R Meet

Forgot how cold it is when you're standing around in a car park late at night in the english winter time! Tonight, I headed down to Basildon I think it was, with Richard & Wayne to a meet for Type R's (& Other honda's welcomed) In Wayne's Accord Type R. Interior It was spur of the moment decision, but I decided it would be worth while getting out & about again. I really have missed going to meets as they are the nitty and the gritty, a great place to hang out & meet new people all with the same interests! Ironically I am saying this on the Internet, but the Internet makes it easy to be lazy. "oh its too cold, il skip it and just check the picture's when theyre online" - "I'll go to the next one" - & Any other excuse. & I will admit it I have been very lazy in the last few years when it comes to these smaller meets as my mind has been focused on other things. But I'm glad I went tonight, for the weather the turnout was good. My pictures were terrible but the lighting was equally as woeful. DC5 This exact DC5 pictured & I have a history. Its my Eleanor. When I was younger I did an online insurance quote putting in the wrong age by accident. It was for this car you see, I went along and viewed the car & fell in love, ended up leaving a deposit. Only to find out when I went to get the insurance all finalised I'd done the wrong age & the payment went from £1700 to £5700 a year. Which I couldn't afford. So I had to get a refund. Luckily Chris the owner who has owned it since that very time has looked after it and it still to this day looks amazing. Clean Milano Red FN2 Type R DC2 Keiran's Milano Red DC2 Type R Looking awesome as always. ATR Stunning Colour on this ATR Owens Funnily enough, my friend Owen used to own this Integra. I love the Grams light wheels on it. Looks aggressive! 30 30th Anniversary Ep3 Type R Cool pic There was a few other cars there & one was a Focus RS, which looked so cool, but he moved before the picture worked. But still came out pretty sweet haha. George George's Turbo DC2 Type R Blair Blair's JDM Dc2 actually has green wheels & red seats but I had to take some colours out of the picture due to the harsh yellow lights from the A13. Silver ep3 Silver Ep3 Type R Tony Closing this out on Tony's K20 Civic. This was all my photo's due to how cold it was & how absolutely awful the lighting was. But it was great to meet & catch up with those that I got too! Cannot wait to be back in a Type R soon..... Adam. 6two1.
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