Sema Day 1 - Outside

Overwhelming. This, is the only way I can describe my first few hours at the Sema Show 2012. As I stepped off the monorail, which was full of buyers, exhibitors & media personnel all buzzing with excitment for what laid ahead, I honestly didnt know what to expect. I'd always seen some coverage from Sema but never really understood the full extent of it. I don't think many people in the UK do, it's not really posted that it is a TRADE only show & that you need to have a badge to get in, most people simply assume its a normal car show. Thankfully I knew this & had been granted a Media pass for the event to get some coverage for 6TWO1. Coming down the escalators, seeing the colossal outdoor show, the only thought that ran through my head was; "Fuck, I should have put suncream on". I knew from previous years coverage there was a bit of an outside show but never did I expect it to be as big as it was. I had promised I was only going to spend 2 hours at the show as I had family stuff planned for the afternoon & I then knew, most of my couple of hours was going to be spent out doors, in the sun, with my white boy skin, with no suncream. As I analysed the mammoth task of walking around this show site, I'd decided I needed to go from left to right, as It was easier than just aimlessly walking around and missing out a lot of cool projects & builds that were on show. Now even though I spent near on 2 days walking around the whole of the grounds, there is still stuff I missed, If I am in the position to go back next year I will stay for more days, less rushed, better images, better detail. Promise. Lets start where I was comfortable, with a DC5R. Really liked this wide body kit, sat on TE37s, not normally the biggest fan of the facelift but think it looks real mean. Tucked engine bay with a whopping great turbo on it.... DC5 Parked just near it was this beautiful S2000, I call it beautiful because in my eyes it is. It's stance is spot on, the SSR wheels where incredible and im a sucker for the CR Lip s2k Rear shot.. Defiantly one of my favourite cars from the show just based on looks/modifications rear s2k This Datsun Bluebird was also one that stuck with me, Simplicity is key. I always believe this, fantastic looking car in great condition. datsun So retro looking from the rear & the Enkeis look great Enkeis A lot of Classic American cars with a more modern twist on the classic modifying style also on show, I honestly don't know what this car is lol so if anyone wants to drop a comment so I can add the correct name here! slammed oldskl oldskl VIP Lexus.. Lexus vip Slammed E Class Mercedes on huge Work wheels merc e Work E CLass Camero with some air brushing down the side, Camera didn't catch it to well in the Vegas harsh sun light /shade camera This 3 Door Scooby wagon had some awesome custom bodywork to get rid of the rear doors, not only that it had a crazy cage inside too, looked ready for some track time.. img scoob One of many sick custom trucks on show Truck In England these are called a Toyota IQ but theyre sold as a Scion in the states, I caught this picture as a lady walked past pulling a very un-flattering face, so I decided to spare her the pain & chuck a happy Charmander on her... iq Slammed Cadillac Caddy "Drinkin in the back of an El Camino...." Elcamino Only words to describe.... "Fucking cool". gangsta The variety of Sema is extensive. It goes from one extreme to another, This BMW 3 Series on split SSR's looked equally as awesome but in its own way. bmw Yeah shit like this still exists stateside too... shit Loved this classic Beetle beetle Along with this Dodge Truck that looks to be a relative of Mater.. mater Meguiars had some really cool cars on display, this super clean original corvette was stunning megs Along with this bright pink crazy Asian mini van dressed up to be a VW Camper from the front with Heart cut wheels .. mini can side These old Camero's have always been one of my favourite class American muscle cars. I dont have enough money for one & I cant convince my Dad its a good idea for him to buy one either or should I say convince my Mum to let my Dad buy one, so no Camero for me just yet... camera This new mustang with the custom made rear end to look old school was one of my favourite "custom" cars of the show, the modification looked meant to be. custom stang The work that goes into some of the cars are astounding. You can see the emotion of the creators very clearly in some of it. Passion in the truest form... Troops I LOVE Lexus IS model cars. This is stunning, I wish it was mine. lexus Sick custom rod. I have Zero information on this, as I only got to see it in the first few hours of me being there. Never went back as I didn't have time. hot Big Fan of the Aero Jacket GT86 kit, I'd go as far to say if I owned one this is the kit I would opt for. aerojacket Another Stunning IS Lexus.. lex Need for speed 2 inspired Infinity G35 g35 Hard looking Yellow.. m5 Judging by the intercooler this civic is not N/a... Civ This Dooms day looking truck was advertising some form of protective lining, real scary looking vehicle. Looked like something from Gears of War. truck Pontiac looked like it had some serious horsepower...Poking out the top of the bonnet! pontiac This sweet looking hot rod "i have no idea what model of car it is" was parked at the enterance to the DUB Showcase, I still have to go through these pictures, so this concludes part 1 of the outside of the show... dub Check back for more very soon...
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