Sema Show 2013 Part 3 the final!

Back again with Part 3 of Sema show, it was the Thursday and the final day of me lugging my Camera around! I had decided the Friday would be used to really get to look at the cars without having my camera gear with me ! So here we are, I want to close off this Sema coverage off with a large final Sema post! Amazing S2000.... s2 Stunning Subaru version of the 86! Subaru Drift GT86 on Fifteen52 Wheels.. Fifteen52 Stunning Classic Cadillac caddi Another amazing american classic! Chevrolet Truck... truck Don't even know what this is but reminded me of the Mystery Machine!! mystery machine Pontiac GTO... gto Rear of the awesome K20 Supercharged EG ! k20 This BMW really caught my eye, what a master piece ! BMW bmw Incredible GMC truck... gmc rear Accord coupe! Tuned by Bisimoto! accrd rear Wide body M3 on Rotiforms, custom exhausts.... front wide Toyota IQ... Toyta Brian from Rotiform's A4... a4 Amazing little Fiat 500 Abarth!! abarth One of my favourite trucks at the event, Low, Subtle, Evil! F150 Stunning Impala Low Rider... imapla Mustang... mustagn Fedex Truck! So awesome! FEDEX Bonnet Art!... art Rolls Royce.... rr McLaren on some Wide wheels... mclaren We saw this Lamborghini on the strip, owner wouldnt rev it. REV Porsche Race car! prok Track ready E92 M3 M3 Stunning... gREE Focus on Fifteen52 Split wheels, got to be one of my favourite wheels on the market today.. rega i LOVED this, a Mustang with GT40 features. stunning looking car.. MACH FORTY mach forty mach4 Unbelievable. Corvette track ready build.... crv rear Lincoln Continental lc Rocket Bunny M3 m3 SLS Racing Car.. sls Dont know what it is, but its beautiful! cool This may have been the "Car I'd take with me", the one that if we got to choose, it would have been this. I will build one ONE DAY!!! ss ss Amazing Pontiac! I love Classic american muscle!! pontia De Tomaso Pantera de Kitcar based on an Infiniti G35 heap SICK Range Rover. haha Love the wide arches rangey Carbon Fibre SLR, felt it was a bit wasted in the Dub Area but hey ho.. slr Stunning 458 Ferrari ferrar Dai Yoshihara's GT86 gt Rocket Bunny GTR gtr Rocket Bunny GT86 again... The one from previous posts, I love it.. gt rear Another shot of the Rocket Bunny Ferrari 458... FERRAI Rera NSX on Accuair... nsx Another Rocket Bunny M3... m3 Stunning... porsche Miss Julie Mai.... jm Lamborghini Gallardo on HRE wheels... lamb o BC Racing Forged Wheels were amazing! bc bc New Lexus... lexus lexus Aventador Roadster... aventado Nissan People carrier, now I've never seen one of these outside of Hong Kong so I dont know if this is a US Car or an Import & I cant remember if it was RHD or LHD haha but yeah it was nice... van Such a good looking car... cardd GT-Spec/RavSpec Subaru BRZ brz Awesome Fiat 500 with Fifteen52 wheels! 500 Bisimoto's 1000000000bhp Odyssey on Fifteen52 wheels.. od 52 Evo 6... evo Camero with the Trans Am conversion ... Camera Amazing Ford V8 Truck... ama Accuair had this Ferrari 360 on Vossen wheels on their stand..... av As well as this stunning NSX wired by Rywire! ry Incredible Turbo NSX.... nsx rear Brian of Rotiforms Porsche... Stunning Lexus IS250.... is Lexus Hosted a competition Via Deviant Art to design a ISFSport... they built the winning entry... front rear Vivid Racing Sponsored Viper... viviper Garrett Turbo Drag EG civic.. eg Forge UK's Mk1 Golf... mk1 Pontiac Daytona from Fast 6! pontiac Project Mu's GT86.. muy Awesome Mustang! must Rocket Bunny GT86 Rocking Rotiforms & Status Racing seats! t Dodge Challenger Dressed up as the Pontiac Daytona!! So cool to see custom work like this... And I'm closing off the coverage with a shot of the rear ! Rear Sema was great this year for me & 6TWO1. I really enjoyed it. I hope you have enjoyed my coverage too...
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