This took long enough....

2020 Clothing Drop Part Two.
Photos by @Darylbleach
Forever doing affordable, smart, classy and wearable in any situation car lifestyle merch has been a passion project. 
I had to take a step back a little while ago to insure 6two1 had a future. 
Like any business you sometimes need to take a step back and work out where you are, where you came from and where you want to go heading forward.
I really want to get back into doing great looking merchandise for all 6TWO1 Fans & myself! I wear this stuff daily, im sat right now in one of the 10 year Anniversary t shirts !
So I am very proud to introduce to you, our latest line up.
Zombot is based off of a very well known robot, i dont want to say who incase I get sued but i think we took enough of its likeness away for that haha. Its a fun take on the Robot, turning into a zombie, which is impossible. I mean, zombies are (so far) not real anyway but could a Robot become a zombie? Who knows, we made it happen anyway.
Red Yellows & Oranges all used in this to make it pop! the design this time is on the rear of the shirt. Originally I think we bought this out in 2013? i may be slightly off but it was a long time ago, but now felt right to bring my old friend back! 
Front of the shirt hosts the 621 SPLAT with Red background, i love it.
Rear proudly hosts our little friend ripping himself to shreds. Perfect for a family gathering ! 
You guys know, if you follow 6two1, i love the colour yellow & with the addition of the Carnival Yellow EG6 to the line up, we had to honour that with this t shirt. Which, I cannot stop wearing. I love it. 
On front we have the 621 SPLAT With Yellow background!
I just love the contrast on this one. Just works.
Another Classic, reworked in a much more fashion friendly way. Now Oversized on the rear of the t shirt, complimented with a Fright Logo on the front, all Black & Grey. 
Not much I need to say about this one.
Perfect for any environment. I love the Auto Supply Tag. 
Front has a small metal logo over heart
Rear 6two1 Auto Supply on rear!
Another Classic design I just had to re-do, one of my favourites!!
Both im wearing in this image! 
Super comfortable, loads of adjustment. Clean & Classy! 
All of these go live 10/06/2020 ! 
If you decide to purchase any, please drop a tag on instagram or whatever social medias you use! Post on your story & Tag @Adamivell & @6two1 so i can share it to mine! 
Thank you! 


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