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FAQ of 6TWO1:

What is 6TWO1 ?

6TWO1 Is more than just an E-Store for your favourite car parts, we are a community, we host meets, do photoshoots, events, run outs & have been apart of the UK Car community since 2009

2013 saw the launch of our own independent clothing line, which ranges from Car focused anime designs to alternative streetwear which we have had some fantastically talented artists working on our stuff exclusively for us.


YES! We do! come down & Visit us : Please call ahead : 01206865544 as we are currently moving between buildings but this is now where all our merchandise will be available for purchase from :

When did it all begin?

6TWO1 was just a personal blog for creator Adam Ivell, used to document not just his passion for Car’s but his trips abroad, this in late 2010 become mainly used for just car content & 2011 saw the rise in popularity through out the Honda world that he has been a part of from a young age. The site has grown in popularity seeing thousands of unique visitors every few days from all over the world.

Where did the name come from?

The name 6TWO1 comes once again from Creator Adam Ivell’s personal background. His father purchased him a private plate when he was very young to attach to his first car upon turning 17. The plate read AJI 621. When the blog first started it was under a different guise of INITFORTHESTATUS. After feeling this was to much of a mouthful to pronounce and get everyone to visit, it was changed and 6TWO1 was born. The number changing to a word was due to some art guy owning before I could get my hands on it.

How can we buy from you and trust your service?

Before 6TWO1 started being an online parts store. I built my own webstores off the back of the family business of office furniture. Still running to this day in the same office as & I pride myself on giving 100% in sales as I know people work long and hard for their money and when you purchase items you expect the best service & value for money. Trust me when I say I know this, as I build cars too! So I know the pain and suffering of bad service & how it can affect the build!

Even though I cannot guarentee 6TWO1’s prices are the cheapest, I can guarentee an honest, friendly & very efficient service. From someone who is a Honda enthusiast himself.

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