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The Link G4+ Fury ECU, a brand new 6 cylinder engine management system to add to our extensive range. Fully...


The Link G4+ Fury ECU, a brand new 6 cylinder engine management system to add to our extensive range. Fully featured, fully enabled and our first ECU to include on-board digital wideband control, along with single e-throttle. 6 x ignition outputs and 8 x fuel outputs.Requires "A" & "B" Looms 

8 ignition? Consider the Storm, Xtreme or Thunder ECUs. 
Dual e-throttle & wideband? Consider the Thunder. 
Want g-force & EGT? Go for the Thunder. 
Direct injection? You need our Force GDI.

Shipped locked and must be enabled before use. This increases security of shipping and provides information on when an ECU is first used for warranty purposes. Add "A" & "B" Loom if needed 

The G4+ Fury has onboard digital wide-band lambda and e-throttle. 

Designed and built to be the best six cylinder ECU on the market, the Fury delivers the results. 


10 digital input channels 

4 analog temperature channels 

9 analog volt channels 

1 internal wideband lambda controller 

2 trigger inputs 

2 knock inputs 


10 auxiliary output channels 

8 peak and hold injection outputs 

6 ignition outputs 

+5V sensor power supply 

+8V sensor power supply 


2 CAN bus modules 

1 serial (RS232) connection 

1 USB tuning connection 


Internal electronic throttle control 

Internal barometric pressure sensor 

32 Mbit of internal logging memory 

Trigger scope hardware 

Software -PCLink 

Fast tuning with keyboard driven commands 

Six hundred pages of help on "right-click" 

Powerful logging analysis built into PCLink 

Tabbed, user configurable layout 

Other WireIn ECUs: 





Four stroke, two stroke, and rotary engines supported. 

Engines up to 12 cylinders supported (six cylinder sequential ignition). 

Rotary engines up to 3 rotors supported. 


Three fuel equation modes: 

Traditional mode for quicker and simpler tuning setup. 

Modelled mode, more complex, but delivers superior results. 

Modelled - Multi Fuel, similar to Modelled mode but provides accurate fueling regardless of fuel blend. Often used for system running petrol-ethanol. 

Support for group, sequential, group-staged, and sequential-staged injection configurations. 

Accurate modelling and adjustment of fueling based on: 

Intake manifold pressure 

Throttle position 

Engine size 

Fuel pressure 

Fuel temperature 


Fuel density 

Current blended fuel stoichiometric ratio 

Fuel charge cooling 

Engine coolant temperature 

Intake air temperature 

Charge temperature estimation 

Injector flow rate 

Support for high impedance (saturated) and low impedance (peak and hold) injectors. Configurable injector currents in peak and hold modes.. 

2D or 3D injector dead-time table with configurable axis. 

Injector short pulse width adder table for areas of non-linear injector flow. 

Advanced injector testing function that allows for control over total number of pulses, rate of pulses, and pulse length. 

Four cold start stages based on engine speed, fuel blend, and engine coolant temperature. Auto adjusts cold start settings based on current fuel blend. 

Optional 4D and 5D overlay tables with adjustable axis to allow more complex fueling arrangements to be setup. 

Switchable dual fuel tables to allow different fueling for different situations. 

Acceleration enrichment for when the engine is increasing in speed, with control based upon throttle position or intake manifold pressure. 

Configurable overrun fuel cut function for reducing emissions, improving fuel economy, and reducing chance of backfires. 

Close Loop Lambda compensation with lockouts for engine coolant temperature, throttle position, throttle position acceleration, start-up timer, and intake manifold pressure. Tuner is also able to configure the maximum trim the closed loop lambda is allowed to apply. Able to use two oxygen sensors to control closed loop lambda for banks on V and boxer engines. Capable of using narrow-band or wide-band oxygen sensors. 

Individual cylinder fuel trims are able to be applied to the engine, with the trim being a constant fixed value, or each cylinder able to have a 3D table with configurable axis from which the trim is selected. 

Set the injector timing anywhere within the engine cycle. Choose to use a single fixed value, or use a value selected from a 3D table with configurable axis. The injector timing can be configured to be the start, center, or end of the injection pulse. 

Staged injection which is fully configurable including minimum pulsewidth lockout and activation engine speed. Injector dead-time table and short pulse width adder table configurable for staged injectors. 

Auxiliary injection that can be used as a third stage of injection with each auxiliary injector able to have an individual 3D control table. Capable of being configured by duty cycle or millisecond units. 


Support for seven types of ignition system: 


Twin distributors 

Wasted spark 

Direct spark 

Rotary engine - leading wasted spark 

Rotary engine - leading direct spark 

Odd fire wasted spark 

Rising or falling spark edge. 

Millisecond and duty cycle ignition coil dwell modes. 2D or 3D dwell table with configurable axis. 

Adjustable ignition delay compensation 

Configurable spark duration 

Maximum ignition advance setting. 

Ignition test function that is capable of activating individual ignition coils for testing of wiring and ignition components. 

Idle ignition control based on RPM target error. 

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